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The Challenge

Credex Technology Pvt Ltd sought to showcase its flagship product, CredexBudgetPro (CBP), a next-gen budgeting and forecasting tool, at the prestigious REALTECH event, RETCON 2024, in New York. The primary challenge was generating buzz and awareness around CBP before the event, driving engagement with potential customers, effectively showcasing the value and features, and nurturing leads for future conversions.

The Approach

To address these challenges, we devised a comprehensive marketing strategy encompassing various channels and tactics:

Social Media Engagement: Leveraging social media platforms, we strategically planned and executed a series of engaging posts, including pre-launch teasers and launch announcements, resulting in heightened anticipation and interest among the target audience.

Leaflet Design Enhancement: We revamped CBP’s promotional leaflets with compelling content edits and design enhancements to ensure they effectively conveyed the product’s value proposition and benefits.

Product Video Creation: Two impactful videos—a teaser for event attendance and a product showcase—were meticulously crafted to visually captivate the audience and highlight CBP’s key features and functionalities.

Presentation Development: We developed a visually appealing presentation outline and branding materials for the event, maintaining a consistent and professional image for the CBP launch.

Email Campaigns: A three-part drip email campaign was designed and implemented post-event to nurture leads and sustain engagement, ensuring a seamless transition from event interaction to ongoing communication.

The Results

Our efforts yielded significant success, as evidenced by the following key achievements:

High Engagement at RETCON 2024: The launch of CBP at RETCON 2024 garnered substantial attention and engagement, with total impressions reaching 12,987 and 406 likes, indicating a strong interest from the audience.

Establishment of Brand Identity: Through meticulous branding efforts, we successfully defined and established the brand identity for CBP, incorporating clear messaging guidelines that effectively communicated its value proposition and benefits to customers and stakeholders.

Enhanced Online Presence: The CBP website received a significant upgrade with updated branding, messaging, and user experience enhancements, resulting in improved customer engagement metrics and a more compelling online presence.

Performance Metrics Improvement: Comparative performance metrics for the marketing period versus the previous period demonstrated impressive growth across various parameters, including impressions, engagement rate, clicks, and video views, indicating the efficacy of our marketing efforts in driving tangible results for Credex Technology Pvt Ltd.

In Their Own Words: Client Feedback

Partnering with Orange Owl for our showcase event at RETCON 2024 was pivotal Their strategic prowess and dedication helped us shine a spotlight on CredexBudgetPro (CBP), effectively showcasing its value and generating significant buzz and engagement. We are excited to work together and succeed in the future.

Sumeet Jha
CEO, Credex Technology

In summary, our strategic approach, coupled with meticulous execution and analysis, enabled us to successfully support the launch of CredexBudgetPro, delivering comprehensive and effective marketing solutions that aligned with the client’s objectives and exceeded expectations.

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