Orange Owl Story

Hey there! Vivek here, the mind and heart behind Orange Owl. First off, thank you for stopping by and exploring our world. It means a lot to me, and I’m thrilled to share a bit about our story.

With over 20 years of navigating the twists and turns of the IT landscape, my journey has been an adventure, primarily in sales and marketing. In my last job, I took the reins of the marketing team at a SaaS startup, and magic happened. We witnessed exponential growth in branding, demand creation, and lead generation. The thrill of guiding innovative marketing approaches to their peak became my daily bread.

Then came the moment of realization – a revelation really. So many businesses out there, bursting with potential, yet missing the strategic marketing touch. And that’s when Orange Owl took flight.

Orange Owl isn’t just a company; it’s my brainchild, a place where passion and knowledge of the likes of me, meet. It’s a step to become the guiding light for B2B businesses, helping them not just with strategies, but with tailored, innovative, and results-driven marketing solutions.

Orange Owl is all about unlocking the full potential of businesses, ensuring they grow sustainably, all while savoring a delightful customer experience at every interaction.



To help every B2B business in the world realise their full potential.



To help B2B businesses develop and implement RoI-focused tailored and innovative marketing solutions, unlocking their full potential for sustainable growth. All this while ensuring a delightful customer experience at every touch point.

Our Values


At Orange Owl, we infuse our work with boundless energy, enthusiasm, and a spirit of joy and fun, creating an environment where passion drives creativity and excellence.


We champion mutual respect, empathy, and diversity and inclusion. It's about valuing and understanding each unique perspective for a collaborative and inclusive culture.


At Orange Owl, we always seek simplicity and effectiveness, breaking down complex problems to craft straightforward and impactful solutions.


At Orange Owl, team members take initiative, make decisions, and manage responsibilities independently, fostering a culture of accountability, enthusiasm, and creativity. Our results-oriented approach is defined by resilience and a 'get it done' attitude, showcasing a commitment to achieving results by overcoming challenges with determination.

In the flight of Orange Owl,
values lead the way...


We don't just meet expectations; we consistently exceed them, delivering work that reflects our deep knowledge and insights, aiming to go above and beyond to bring about customer delight.


At Orange Owl, we infuse our work with boundless energy, enthusiasm, and a spirit of joy and fun, creating an environment where passion drives creativity and excellence.

Collaboration and Communication

Our success is built on collaboration and effective communication, creating a dynamic and supportive environment where ideas flourish, and innovation thrives.


At Orange Owl, integrity is the foundation of our actions, ensuring that honesty and transparency guide our decisions and interactions with both our team and clients.


Efficiency is our compass, guiding every facet of our operations. We embrace streamlined processes, optimize workflows, and leverage cutting-edge technologies to deliver exceptional results with precision and speed, maximizing value for our clients and stakeholders.

How We Work?

Our journey starts with a thorough discussion where we dive into your brand. We're not just interested in your goals; we want to understand the passion driving them. By fully engaging with your dreams and aspirations, we set the stage for the journey towards your success.

Ready to Kickstart Your Growth Journey?